Enterprise Solution

Nikom Technology Enterprise Solutions offer an array of technology solutions across all lines of business. With access to extensive list of technologies, Nikom Technology Enterprise Solutions is equipped to meet the needs of large corporate businesses at every level. The quality of our technology, the corporate reputation for customer service and competitive pricing, makes Nikom the ultimate partner for innovative, integrated technology solutions.


Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration Team manages development and implementation of all computer applications and moves us toward implementation of a coherent data model across all solutions.

Key Responsibilities

    Solutions Development
  • Enterprise Web Development
  • Client Services
    Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web & Service Architecture
  • Production Control
  • Database Administration


Enterprise focused solutions from Nikom Technology and our industry partners respond to the unique concerns of your industry and the essential needs of large organizations in general. We'll help you reduce costs while you conserve natural resources; make smarter decisions with accessible business intelligence; improve productivity with consumer oriented technologies; and grow your business with managed innovation.

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