Nikom provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their stratefic business agendas into IT innitiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance.


Combining deep technology expertise and industry-specific insights into hwo technology impacts people and process to deliver solutions that help clients achieve business outcomes with agility, speed and certainty.

We continously research and stay current with envolving technologies as they become available. We transfer this knowledge to our clients in recomendation and solutions implementations. As information technology industry experts, we at Nikom Technology stay informed about all the innovations and technology progress in software integration, application development, and technology consulting that appear every day. This means that we are prepared to help you with the latest advances in technology. Our team also uses Nikom's proprietary methods for software quality assurance, software engineering processes, and application integration so that you get the right solution for your business needs.


Over the past 20 years, productivity gains in the transportation sector have significantly outpaced overall economic growth. These gains were largely driven by mode-specific, market-oriented policy and regulatory measures (commercialization, privatization, deregulation), and have allowed carriers to offset price increases to their customers.

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